[RE6 Drabble] Finale

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RE6 Drabble
Pairing : Chris/Piers (Nivanfield)
Rate : PG
Warning : Ending spoiler alert

“Piers! Come on, just stay with me!

“You’re gonna be okay!

 “I’m sorry… Cap… tain…..”

I’m sorry, Chris.

“I did it …..for BSAA.”

I did it …..for you.

“For the future!”

For myself.


“I know, you did a real good thing.

“As long as you---”

Keep going.

“I don’t wanna hear it!

“We’re both getting outta here, all right?

It’s too late. 





“Damn it...”

“Just go!”

It’s all too late now.

“No! You’re gonna be ok, we’re almost there!

Why don’t you just let go of me ?



“The escape pods!

It’s your only chance

to escape the hell from here,

“See that? We’ll be outta here in no time.

There’s no time for me, no more.

“Come on…..Got it!

But you have to go on.

“Here we go, Piers, We’re gettin’ out of here

It’s now or never.


“Piers! No, don’t do this! Open the door!

This is my last chance.

“Goddamn it, listen to me!

My last chance to be with you like this.

“We can still get outta here!

Before I become one of them.

“There’s still time!

Sorry for not being there for you.


“What are you doing?

I have to do what I have to.

“No, Piers, don’t! You can still make it out!

You must be angry, I know.

I can see it all on your face.

 “Goddammit, Piers!

But I regret nothing.



Please don’t make that face, my captain.

“Piers! Open the goddamn door--- that’s an order!

I don’t know if you can forgive me for this.



But still…

Please, live for me.



Thank you, for everything

until now.





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